CFS Version 13 Changes
Released September 2021

CFS Enhancements
  • Implemented the Effective Width calculations for cover plated members with intermittent fasteners.
  • Increased upper limit on Wind Load to 300 psf to support ASCE factored loads.
  • Changed "Width" label in the properties report to "Flat" to distinguish from the overall section width.
  • Provided more trace details for Direct Strength Method (DSM) calculations.
  • Cleaned up calculation trace for web crippling strength of members without holes.
  • Use kɸ in distortional buckling axial load calculation for the braced flange.
  • Improved messages related to improper geometry imported from DXF file.
  • Provided example DXF file to assist in understanding geometry requirements.
  • Applied the more conservative rational analysis factors to additional cases:
    • Strength calculation for braced tension flange where section geometry does not comply.
    • Shear and web crippling strength where hole is not at mid-depth.
    • Bending and web crippling interaction equations if required in determining the individual strengths.
    • Intermediate stiffeners under stress gradient using the Effective Width Method.
    • Width-to-thickness ratio limits now use full element widths disregarding intermediate stiffeners.
  • Included more analysis checkpoints to ensure controlling location is represented.
  • Member check locations at left or right side of a support are stated as above or below for vertical members.
  • Default file names for saving new sections and analyses now use the entered descriptions.
  • License activation presented more visibly on Welcome screen.
  • Implemented a FIPS compliant version of the license verification system.
Elastic Buckling Analysis Changes
  • Increased upper limit on DSM load ratios to 1000 to better support inelastic reserve strength.
  • Allow shorter half-wavelengths in the elastic buckling analysis.
  • Included Gross/Net designation, work ratio, and buckling mode in Copy Data feature.
  • Improved buckling mode categorization with changes to the work ratio calculation.
  • Revised SFIA and SSMA section libraries to utilize revised elastic buckling results for DSM.
  • Increased number of nodes for panel sections to better identify buckling modes.
  • Fixed work ratio calculation for the alternate solution method.
  • Fixed problem with a section having a hole next to the bend radius.
  • Fixed problem with the rare case of a double root in the solution.
Automation Module Enhancements
  • Multiple simultaneous instances of the Calculation object are fully supported for multi-threaded applications.
  • Added plastic section modulus properties Zx and Zy to SectionProperties class.
  • Depth property of the SectionData class is not required for creating angle sections.
  • HoleLength and HoleSpacing properties of the SectionData class are now read-only.
  • Corrected design stress for tension yield in stainless steel members.
  • Corrected equation numbers shown in trace for stainless steel buckling stress calculations.
  • Corrected spelling of "Dead Load" in analyses created by Quick Design.
  • Corrected R/t limits for certain web crippling cases that changed with Specification edition.
  • When defining a custom material, modify existing DSM ratios for the new yield strength.
  • Fixed display of custom material name after being edited.
  • Properly show the input values of ex and ey in analysis member checks.
  • Improved checking of intermediate stiffeners for closed sections.
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