Technical support is available to licensed customers using the latest version of CFS®. Before contacting us, please review the following.

CFS Help

CFS help documentation is incorporated into the CFS application. You can launch this from the Help menu, or by clicking or pressing F1 from most CFS windows. This documentation is also available to access here:

Download CFS Help File

CFS License

To activate the license, choose Single User License or Network License Settings from the Tools menu in CFS. For more information on activation and related topics, refer to CFS Help - License Activation. For complete network license details, refer to CFS Network License Instructions.

CFS Tutorials


Technical Papers

The developer of the CFS software authored the following technical papers in support of calculations utilized in the software. These investigations have also led to consideration by AISI for inclusion in the North American Specification.

Engineering Practice

The CFS application is not intended to guide you regarding best engineering practices. Nor is the author in a position to make recommendations on engineering practice. Such issues should be pursued with engineers experienced in the type of construction, educational institutions involved in related research, or the appropriate building officials.

Specification Questions

Any specification is subject to interpretation when attempting to apply it to real world situations. CFS makes some assumptions in the calculations that it performs. These are explained in the various portions of the documentation as related to each type of calculation. Further interpretation of the AISI Specification and the ASCE Specification, or any similar specification, is beyond both the scope of this application and the responsibility of the author. Such issues should be pursued with AISI, ASCE, or CFSEI.

Several AISI standards and other technical documents are available to download here.

Verification of Computations

CFS has been used extensively for many years and computational bugs are extremely rare. If you disagree with an output, you should first review all the inputs and their meanings, and understand all the assumptions as stated in the documentation. You should also use the Trace feature to check the details of the calculations. If you still disagree with an output, please report it to us.

Contacting RSG Software

You may contact RSG Software is by email. This provides an expedient method of reply and a convenient record of the correspondence.

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