CFS® Downloads

CFS Desktop Application

  • Download and install the CFS Desktop Application (6.0 MB) at no charge and become more productive today! CFS will initially run in "light" mode, and if you decide to purchase a license, activating the full version is easy.

    Latest version: 14.0.1

    The light mode has a reduced feature set and some functional restrictions as outlined in Products. To order a license for the full version, go to our online order form.

  • End User License Agreement CFS software license agreement.

CFS Automation Module

  • CFS14 Module 32-bit (4.2 MB) The CFS14 Automation Module is an optional component for automating CFS calculations in your own software or Excel spreadsheets. The use of this module requires a Single User License with Automation or a Network License with Automation. You may download and install this prior to purchasing a license, however execution of these functions will not be enabled until a CFS license with Automation is activated.

  • CFS14 Module 64-bit (4.2 MB) The CFS14 Automation Module is also available for automation of CFS calculations within 64-bit applications such as 64-bit Excel.

  • CFS14 Documentation This documentation is included with the installation of the automation module. It is readily accessible here if you have not installed the module.

  • CFS14 VBA Example This Excel file demonstrates several VBA calls to the CFS14 automation module with a user defined function that returns multiple properties to the worksheet.

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