CFS Version 12 Changes
Released June 2019

CFS Torsion Analysis and Design
  • Analysis option to include torsion in member checks.
  • Torsional forces determined from magnitude and location of applied transverse loads.
  • Concentrated bimoments determined from eccentric axial loads.
  • Torsion diagrams for torque, bimoment, and angle of twist.
  • Bimoment yield strength provided on strength report.
  • Member check includes design check for combined bending and torsion.
CFS Analysis Enhancements
  • Global buckling option saved with each analysis.
  • Analysis option for "Deflection Only" load combinations.
  • Analysis printout includes summary of member materials, lengths, and weights.
  • Concentrated loads treated as point loads instead of short distributed loads.
  • New load type for concentrated moment.
  • Allow loads in direction that has fully braced segments (K=0).
  • Axial load eccentricities treated as concentrated moments in moment distribution.
  • Performance improved for display of diagram envelopes.
  • Copy Image feature for analysis diagrams.
Other CFS Enhancements
  • Separate multi-level Undo and Redo for each open section and analysis.
  • Extended characters implemented for many subscripts, superscripts, and greek symbols.
  • Edit menu option to rotate section to principal axes.
  • Tolerance on symmetry checks was tightened since calculations are available for non-symmetric sections.
  • Member check option for cases where Mx and My include P-δ effects.
  • Member check with Kx=0 or Ky=0 or Kt=0 prevents moments or bimoments from being applied.
  • Separate output for effective section properties at applied loads.
  • Additional trace details for inelastic reserve strength calculation.
  • Improved handling of input validation for Section and Analysis input windows.
  • Improved performance for license validation.
  • Get default user name and company name from environment settings.
Automation Module Enhancements
  • Torsion functionality implemented in Strength and MemberCheck methods.
  • Support for multiple simultaneous instances of the Calculation object.
  • Lateral-torsional buckling equation for point-symmetric shapes restricted to Z shapes bending about axis perpendicular to the web.
  • Stainless steel effective widths for deflection determination use corrected secant modulus calculation.
  • Correction to location check between inflection point and support for minor axis bending.
  • Column buckling for built-up sections sometimes used modified KL/r when it shouldn't.
  • Use rational analysis factors for cases where Fy exceeds Specification limit.
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