CFS Version 14 Changes
Released December 2023

2022 Supplement to AISI S100-16 Specification

CFS now supports Supplement 3 to the 2016 Edition of the North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Members (S100-16/S3-22). This includes ASD and LRFD for U.S. and Mexico, as well as LSD for Canada. CFS continues to support the 2018, 2016, 2012, 2010, 2007, 2004, and 2001 Editions. The CFS changes to support the 2022 Supplement include:

  • Higher tensile strength permitted for low ductility steels
  • Higher h/t limit for local buckling using the effective width method
  • Enhanced column buckling formulas for unsymmetric sections with unequal unbraced lengths
  • Minor revisions to some distortional buckling formulas
  • New distortional buckling provisions for minor axis bending of C-sections
  • Updated shear strength equations, with and without holes
  • New provisions for torsion strength and combined bending and torsion
ASCE 8-22 Specification for Stainless Steel

CFS now supports the ASCE 8-22 edition of the Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Stainless Steel Members. This includes ASD and LRFD provisions which are closely aligned to the AISI S100-16 provisions. CFS no longer supports the old provisions from ASCE 8-02. The CFS changes to support ASCE 8-22 include:

  • Additional grades of stainless steel materials, including ferritic and duplex alloys
  • Updated material properties for the previous stainless steel alloys
  • Revisions to strength equations for compresion, bending, shear, and web crippling
  • Provisions for distortional buckling strength
  • Option to use cold work of forming strength increase
  • Option to use inelastic reserve strength provisions
  • Option to use the Direct Strength Method
CFS Enhancements
  • Added several steel grades for A463, A653, A792, A1003, A1008, A1018, A1039, A1046, A1063, A1083, A1085
  • Implemented various rules for the design yield stress reduction for low elongation steels
  • Changed default thickness options from gages to mil designations
  • Allow both cold work of forming and inelastic reserve options (higher strength reported)
  • Included trace details for cold work of forming calculations
  • Allow hole sizes up to full flat width of elements
  • For DSM effective section properties, included distortional buckling reduction
  • Provided more trace details for distortional buckling
  • Improved readability and usability of the Recent Files list
  • Added load combinations for ASCE 7-22, IBC 2018, and NBCC 2020
  • Allow selection of load combination in the Analysis Diagrams display
  • Option to report controlling location for each analysis load combination
  • Torsion analysis: warping continuity only where the same section continues
  • Feature to view network license usage log file
Automation Module Enhancements
  • Added changeable properties for Fy, Fu, ColdWork, Reserve, UseDSM
  • Added changeable properties for ConnSpacing, HoleLength, HoleSpacing
  • Added method for removing holes from loaded section
Other Changes
  • Don't check R/t limits for cylindrical tubes
  • Disallow adjacent elements in the same direction (except for panel cover plates)
  • Web cripplng with holes - use rational analysis factors for two-flange loading
  • Web cripplng with holes - use rational analysis factors for web types other than Cee
  • Use effective length factor K=2.1 for cantilevers (was previously 2.0)
  • Changed distortional buckling flange width to midline of web, rather than outside of web
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